The Background Story

This is a story with origins beginning November 2012 when my boyfriend and partner in crime, travel, and love—Brian–and I took a two-month journey that included adventures in Istanbul, Turkey; Northern India; Bangkok, Thailand; and Bali, Indonesia.  We boated, trekked, biked, trained, scuba’d, yoga’d, motorcycled, taxi’d, scooter’d, elephant’d,and rickshaw’d all over these lands for 60 days.  It was an epic, once-in-a-lifetime string of events.  All of this we captured on an amazing Pentax Camera that we purchased just for the occasion.  The camera lived up to our expectations and more!  Underwater we swam, high into the Himalayas we hiked, and the camera helped us captured scenes from in-between, over and under, blue skies and rain.  We were so excited to get home and start scrap booking, (I’m an unabashed crafter).


Before landing in our home hood of Portland, we stopped in Minnesota for a good old-fashioned Christmas celebration up at the (frozen) lake.  My family goes ice fishing annually and we were returning just in time.  Fish were caught and memories were made, but before the trip was over, a small tragedy ensued.  The heater was broken, the fish weren’t biting, and the beer was frozen… not a good combination!  While trying to take a picture of the one big crappie fish Brian caught, I dropped the camera.  Ice fishing is an art, and it’s done by drilling holes through the ice to access the cold water below.  As chance would have it, through one of these holes went the camera.  Down-down -down 32 feet to the bottom.  It happened so fast I didn’t have the chance to reach into the freezing water to rescue it.  Tears were a-flyin’ and hearts were breakin’ as I thought of the incredible memories captured in those sweet photos of our first trip abroad as star-crossed lovers.  But nothing could be done.  Deep below the thick ice lays our camera, in it the chip that holds the pictures of a lifetime. 

Aahhh the adventure continues, however.  After the mourning period, we realized we could use our newly acquired SCUBA certifications to dive to the depths of the lake once the ice melts, to retrieve our Pentax.  People say it’s a long shot, but they don’t realize that the camera is shockproof, coldproof, and waterproof.  Could it be fish-proof too?  Is it possible to retrieve the camera and pray that the pictures come out all right?  We have to try.

Our next task ahead is to take the leap. We will be going diving.  To do this we will fly to Minnesota, drive 8 hours north of Minneapolis, cross the Canadian border and back into the States, boat 20 miles north into Canadian waters, and dive 32 feet down.  We are committed. We see this as an opportunity.  An adventure.  Details to come.  Stay tuned!

2 responses to “The Background Story”

  1. Larrybengtson says :

    Good luck to you crazy mo fo’s it will be so cold you must be brave and hearty like all good Minnesotans

  2. Sondra says :

    OMG! This is like reading an intense novel! I need to know the outcome!!!!!

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